If you're ready to do what it takes...
I'll show you how to scale your business. Now.

I've been a sales/marketing corporate executive and trainer for many years. In the early days of the Internet, I saw the enormous potential of eLearning and led the transformation from satellite-based professional training to online training in my company, generating $70+ million dollars in revenue.

In 2001, I founded The Intelligence Group. Our global team of marketers, developers and designers work tirelessly each day to reverse engineer and hack the ever-changing technology.

We work behind the scene in a White Label solution for over 100 successful marketing agencies in 3 continents. This means the agencies' clients never know that we are the ones designing and implementing the marketing solutions that 10x--even 100x--their business.

Today, we're transitioning our business model to serve the end-user clients directly.

If you're sincere about explosively growing your business and don't care to learn how it's done, contact The Intelligence Group today.

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